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Re: Experian Score so low

I was just got refused with 2 other credit cards, barclays and discover... I am about to say sod it all... been here 2.5 years only got green card in feb 2012.. $5k to immigration in fees and all that... no work at all around here for me, so started a small concrete business that needs to expand to make it... Can't make it without some help in the credit lines or a loan, but with experian giving me a score that is basically non exsistant what is the point in staying here and just waiting for them to bring my score in line with the other bureau's...I take it you need all 3 of them in a good to fair level score at least to get some decent credit going...  I'll go back to the UK and get a loan tomorrow but my wife and kids will not get in so easily as me. So frustrating is all this credit reporting over here! My wife lost her job not long after I arrived over here and I ended up paying off all her debts and her mortgage to make sure she would not stress out... thinking I would have little difficulty getting new credit up and running after 6 months.... now look at me!!!

Started Credit ladder April 2012.
First Year on ladder Scores: April 2013
Walmart TU FICO 654
Equifax FICO 617
Experian FICO 639
Transunion FICO 654

Started with very low limits at 300 each.
one year in limits and some nice New Cards in wallet:
Amex Green Open Limit
Amex Gold Rewards Open Limit
Amex Dillards 1k
Chase Slate 3.5k
Lowes 1.5k
Amazon 1.5k
Walmart 1k
TexacoChevron 1k
Furniture Row 1.7k
Cap 1 newcomers 750
Cap 1 Secured 450 (kept for AAoA)
Banana Republic 800
Chase Freedom 500
14.5k in first year, plus 3.5k Cap 1 Business (18k)

current UT @ 30% will all be clear this month so expecting scores to rise to 700's.

not bad for first years credit.