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Re: Experian Score so low

You keep applying for new cards/credit.


Every time you do that, your hurting you score a little bit.


Granted when you get to a certain amount an extra inquiry isn't THAT bad (2 is obviously double 1 - but at 10 an 11th isn't THAT much bad).


Stop applying for credit as much as you can on a personal level. If you need credit for your business, I'd look at a collateral based loan. For instance if its to buy a piece of machinary I know banks give out loans on them however hold the machine as collateral - you get to use it and all that, however just like a car, if you stop paying they will reposses it. I obviously don't know much about your business or how its set up, but I do know from my family's business that you shouldn't be mixing personal and company as far as money and credit. Doing so means if one is ruined then both are ruined. If you keep them sepearate then 1 can still survive on its own.

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