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Re: EOS-CCA Contact Info

ccb2115 wrote:

I don't really like making posts like this, but does anyone have contact info for EOS-CCA? They called me today stating that they a debt was sold (college tuition) to them from a previous collection agency. I told them to send me a verification of this debt to my address. Until then, I would not discuss this any further with them. She said, "I'm sorry but we don't have that kind of time." I have a feeling that they will be posting this to the CRA's pretty soon, so I just want to make sure that I can send them a PFD email soon. I honestly wish that I could just pay my college directly, but I think I am beyond that point right now.


Anywho, if anyone has any contact info, could they please pm me! Thanks so much!

For a proper collection action, you must receive a dunning notice from them within the next 5 days or it is a FDCPA violation.

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