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Re: Experian Score so low

Ignore FAKO scores? all well and good ignoring them, I totaly agree there but when a loan company your applying with gives you your score back as fako one then were on earth do you stand if my fake score is not correct? I just cant sit back and not know what on earth is going on with experian scoring with my real score or the fake one can I now. 


My fake "vantage" TU score just went up to 706 and I still have 3 cards to be updated any time now with all balances clear, so that should rise considerably albeit not worth the excitement unless my true FICO score goes up the


anyway's thanks to you all for trying to help.... ringing EX up in the morning even though my report has not come yet with the ref number... 

Started Credit ladder April 2012.
First Year on ladder Scores: April 2013
Walmart TU FICO 654
Equifax FICO 617
Experian FICO 639
Transunion FICO 654

Started with very low limits at 300 each.
one year in limits and some nice New Cards in wallet:
Amex Green Open Limit
Amex Gold Rewards Open Limit
Amex Dillards 1k
Chase Slate 3.5k
Lowes 1.5k
Amazon 1.5k
Walmart 1k
TexacoChevron 1k
Furniture Row 1.7k
Cap 1 newcomers 750
Cap 1 Secured 450 (kept for AAoA)
Banana Republic 800
Chase Freedom 500
14.5k in first year, plus 3.5k Cap 1 Business (18k)

current UT @ 30% will all be clear this month so expecting scores to rise to 700's.

not bad for first years credit.