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Asset Acceptance Success

I have been dealing with asset acceptance for over two years now! I paid them off finally this year with the promise from them they would delete the tradeline... of course they never did. So after researching this board I decided to contact the BBB yesterday today I received this letter:


Dear Sir or Madam:

          Asset Acceptance, LLC (AALLC) is in receipt of correspondence from your office, concerning complaint filed by ________ dated September 19.2012, and I have reviewed the same.

          Please be advised the AALLC has reviewed its business records and calls and does not find any indication that AALLC agreed to remove its credit reporting of this matter. In accordance with Federal guidelines, AALLC is required to provide accurate information to the consumer reporting agencies. Further, AALLC is not permitted to agree to remove tradeline information in exchange for payment.

          However, in the interest of resolving this matter, AALLC agrees to remove its tradeline with the appropriate consumer reporting agencies.



I highly doubt that they reviewed 2 years of calls in less than 24 hours, but either way I hope they stick to their word and I hope this removal will help my score. I will still have the original debt from credit one listed (which sucks) but one down is a good start! Especialy since i've been fighting with these jerks for so long!



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