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Health > FICO = Break
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Funny how things work out.  I've been working on clearing up my credit and have been slowly but surely churning those FICO numbers up from the low 500's to now breaching that seemingly elusive 600 barrier.  Kinda proud of my hard work ... then BAM!  A pesky wisdom tooth decides to start making trouble and what does he do?  Yup that's right ... the little moron decides to get his other two wisdom tooth pals to join in effectively creating a gang in my otherwise, sparkling-clean chopper house.  So ... a dentist and two oral surgeons later (one for 2nd opinion) I went in to have these rogue fellers cut out. <insert appropriate curses here>

A whopping $4,000 with only $200 covered by insurance left me with the decision to: Max out my Amex and attempt to locate funds for the remaining amount.  Thinking about it and scanning the site I took a shot, browsed on over to CareCredit, entered my deets, pressed submit, looked away *knowing* that all too familiar "we'll contact you blah lah blah" would be mocking me when I looked back, but ... wait ... WHAT?  I was approved!  And for the full amount I requested! :smileyhappy:  WooHoo!  And the really awesome part of this: I qualified for a 6-month no interest promotion.  Neat!


This is what it's been all about: getting myself back to a place where I don't have to worry as much.  And although I just received a new unsecured credit line and maxed it out the very next day I know the good financial habits I have created will enable me to pay this down quickly.  So yeah ... I've killed my util but as I am not in the market for a major purchase anytime soon (the car can wait another 6 months) I know I'll be fine afterall ... Health > FICO.  Thanks to advice from my peeps here on these forums I was able to take care of everything without undue stress being added.  Thanks everyone!  Meanwhile, I'll recover from the slice & dice and garden what I have as I pay everything down and in the end, I have another source of credit for health-related issues and, as a bonus, a util booster! :smileyhappy:

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