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Re: Length of credit history

hsiaokou wrote:

On my Trans Union credit file, it shows that the length of my credit history is 20 years (I am 39, so this is correct).  This is from a student loan and an old Macy's account that is no longer open.  My Trans Union score is decent.  On the other hand, my Equifax score is lower, much lower.  The main reason is that I "do not have an established credit history."  Equifax states that my length of credit history is 13 years.


Equifax deleted both tradelines from the student loan and Macy's.  Equifax claimed that they are not required to report them any longer.


Do I have any recourse.  Stating that my length of credit history is 13 years is totally false. 


Any advice?

EQ is correct.  They don't have to report them if they are closed and over 10 years old.  Just leave them alone on TU, eventually they'll fall off there too.

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