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Re: Now to fix wife's plz help

ninjamike81 wrote:

I've got a little money to send off for either the judgment or the 4 UNIV SVCS accounts and they said they WILL PDF if I pay a extra $50  to delete all 4 of them.  What will help her credit more. 

1) call lawyer to see if they will vacate.  Judgment was for not showing up at court but she never got served  was old address.  And the job she had delivering papers at night.  She got into accident her  "company van" and job told insurance she wasn't covered so the ins company sued her. 

2) call univ collections and have those four accounts PFD.  But...  They wont send a PFD letter.  Rep said just pay the extra $ and we will remove it in 48hrs?   I know I want it in writing.  Wife and my self have argued with them bout the letter and they will NOT send it. 

Tough situation you have there.  My "personal" opinion would be to take the offere.  It's a $50 gamble to take them at their word to remove 4 negatives off you're report.  That's $12.50 for each.  I've spent more on that on stamps for GWs.  YMMV of course, but might be worth the risk.  Good Luck

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