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This dormant flower is ready to be replanted

I’ve lurked around here in the past... reading bits of this & that. You guys truly inspire me & I love how you all come together & help each other out with no nonsense advice. Strait truth that is very much lacking in todays world! Quite refreshing!

The wealth of info contained within this community is invaluable! Thank you for that!

Finally I’m ready to quit dragging my feet & join in. Its time!

My credit was crap for a really long time. I had many poor decisions in the past that contributed in that. But now almost all that has dropped off. First glimpse of any score ever was about 8 months ago using quizzle. 560 depressing so I turned away..


Now I check again just the other day and it reports 579 & few BADDIES dropped off. Yay! So I start reading... I see that Quizzle isn't a real score... hmm so off I go to MyFico to order a score. It reports back that it can't give me a score. So, I call & find out that if I haven't had any accts reporting to CRA in the last 6 months they will not be able to pull a score. I search on here & others have experienced the same.

I also read here that If I were to try & apply for a home loan that I would most likely be declined for same reason, No Score.

I really really really want to own my own home. I’ve paid more than $50,000 in only 4 years on something that belongs to someone else! (i don't wish to think about all the previous years or i’ll just cry)

My current Credit Picture...
@1000-1300 in collections accounts are 6-7 yrs old. It is my suspicion that the dates they are reporting may be incorrect. But i’ll have to look that up, not certain..
I have a paid off car loan account reporting no lates.
I have one credit inquiry from a couple of months ago (declined by barclays for not enough revolving accounts)
Thats It!

I read here about a couple of other credit monitoring sites: & I went to both & checked with them just to see what scores they come up with since in actuality i have no score....
CreditKarma Transrisk=621, CreditKarma Vantage=636 CreditSesame=668 So Quizzle reports the lowest at 579.

Not good, but it could be worse. Thankfully, yall have helped me see how to make it better- Thanks!!

Today I took the 1st step into my new positive credit future. I applied for a Secured Visa thru Delta Community Credit Union where i bank. I just went with the minimum $500... I should find out by Tuesday if i’m approved.

Please lend me further wisdom o great ones!

Starting Score: 560(quizzle fako)
Current Score: 579(quizzle fako) 621(creditkarma transrisk TUfako) 636(creditkarma vantage TUfako) 668(credit sesame EXfako)
Goal Score: 620+

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