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Re: This dormant flower is ready to be replanted

I never wanted a secured card, but after my 1st attempt at a real card was declined, I figured this was the safer bet. I didn't want to risk 2 more possible hard pulls & preferred just the one for now. 

I did ask how long I could be considered (if approved) for unsecured.  - In 6 months I can submit a request.

She also said that increasing my deposit/limit would require a new app but it would be for the same card... She sounded unsure though so I'll ask about that again later. I'm not sure if that mean more pulls?

I thought about the secured loan originally but using the tools available through Credit Karma it advised against it...


Thanks for the advice much appreciated!!!!


More info for anyone curious in the future...

They pull credit report from Equifax only for consideration, but report out to all 3.


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