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Can someone PLEASE help me understand something
Sorry this is a two part question.

1. Is it possible for a paid account from the original creditor ( that was past due) show a current status of 120 days past due but also show a 0 balance?

2. I have two accounts from Sallie Mae opened in 2002. They were past due as well but they were paid in full some time in 2005. They are still showing in my report with a 0 balance and a status of paid as agreed but still reporting that the account was 120 past due 4 times. I tried to dispute this deregatory information with the credit bureaus stating that it has been more than 7 years since 1st delinquency and should be removed. They responded stating that it is to stay in my credit report for 10 years so until 01/2015. Is this correct? How can they still report the 120 days past dues for 10 years? Or maybe I dont understand... Help?