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Re: What's the difference between TransRisk and Advantage Score?
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TransUnion developed the TransRisk score. The TransRisk score is available on TU-based or owned products like CreditKarma, some TrueCredit resale products like EIDT, and one or two others. As a side note, TU also developed a CC-enhanced TransRisk score and that's available if you have a Barclays SeaMiles CC. The score range for TransRisk is similar to FICO's of 300-850 (not exactly the same though).


VantageScore was developed by all 3 CRAs in an attempt to compete with FICO. They have two versions: 1.0 and 2.0. Version 1.0 ignores AU accounts, whereas Version 2.0 does not. Others have posted issues in not seeing any improvement when adding AUs when monitoring CreditKarma so I suspect 1.0 is still in use there. Aside from CreditKarma, Vantage is also offered if you purchase your report via and similarly via The score range for VantageScore is 501-990.


No lenders use the TransRisk score. It says in the T&C of the products that offer TransRisk that the score is for educational use only. Not many lenders use Vantage. There are some, but it's rare.