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BOA charge-off help PLZ



I was wonderinf if anyone has any advice about my bank of america charge off account.

The account was defaulted in 12/2008, and the balance was $4650.


Right now, it shows that the charge off  balance is $4600 and past due $800. I'm not sure why the numbers are different, but we're trying to settle with them right now and i called and talked to a rep. and he said that they mailed us a 1099 form last year, which we never recieved, so if they wrote it off, shouldn't the balance be 0? i asked him if we paid taxes on that 1099 would the balance past due show 0 and he said no? he said we have to pay in full if we wanted it to show 0? ( So we have to pay taxes on it and still owe money to BOA?) If anyone has any info on what we should do, we would really appreciate it!


Sorry it's a little confusing, we  thought they would just ofer us a settlement and we would apy it but this is so cufusing.


Thanks  in advance.