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Re: BOA charge-off help PLZ

Thanks for the reply, so i talked to another rep. today and she will be sending us a copy of the 1099 so we can ammend our taxes from last year. She said they will not accept a payment, since the account has been written off, but if we wanted the charge off to show 0, we would need to pay in full, which i would prefer not to do since we are paying taxes on it now and it seems unfair..So it looks like the account on CRA will be showing a charge off balance of 4650 and past due amount of 800.


I do have some more concern, After we pay taxes on it, can they still legally come after for the balance?  WA state law on open ended contracts is 3 years so i believe this debt is past SOL.  And are we going to have any issues qualifying for a house since the Charge off still shows a balance or can we show the bank 1099 and it would be fine?