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Bought my scorewatch this morning

Sooo, the husband allowed me to buy my scorewatch from myFICO this morning. I bagan at 574, then down to 555, up to 606, then my latest was 602. So as of this morning, it is now 651!!  Which according to my lender pull on 9/21, and nothing has changed since then, no payments posted or anything, my Transunion at the time was 638, which makes that my midscore since EX is 604 according to the lender pull, and dumb ol' EX site has it at 695 bc it is showing the collection that is in dispute as already removed and it's factoring the AU status.


HAPPY! But, why didnt I get an alert that my score was higher than the 602? I had it set at that score and nothing, and also tried having it at just a point higher too.

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