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New guy needs help.
Hey guys this is my first post however I've been lurking on the forums for a couple of months.

I need some advice PLEASE if anyone can help.

For starters I have a 507-522 score depending on agency. I have 25 accounts 14 in good standing and 11 negative.

I currently have no open revolving accounts on my credit report but recently ordered a secured CC with a 300$ limit. I plan on keeping this around 40-60$. But would it be smarter to charge on it then Immediately pay the balance to 0$ the same day.

My oldest active account is 7.1 years with a 3.8 Yr average.

I have typed up and will be sending 7 GW letters in the morning to request late payments be removed, old cc accounts closed with good payment history to be re opened, and to have collection accounts paid in full removed.

I have applied for a student loan consolidation due to their being so many different loans to keep up with and also a nice fixed interest rate bonus.

There are 11 inquiries on my report- most of which arw tenant and auto.

Basically I would like to know what I can do to boost my score and what is a feasible score to reach in 3 months.

I have to accounts that were charged off- I paid the collection agency in full with a one time payment. Can all 4 entries be deleted? Collection accounts and origin accounts.

I am sending chase auto a GW letter for about 4-5 different 30/60 days late entries. Is there a quicker more efficient method than the mail? And I have been current for 16 months- what's the chance of a removal?

Is there anything i can do about the 11 inquiries?

Will GECRB re-open my JCP/AE/PAYPAL/OLDNAVY cards? None of them were ever late with the exception of maybe a 30 day once or twice on one of them. How can I go about getting them re-opened?

Alot of info here- any help is greatly appreciated.
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