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Re: This dormant flower is ready to be replanted

I received an email this morning to call the CU about my app for their secured card. I called & they said I was approved but they need me to send income verification (no prob) and proof of paying off 2 of my collections.

Well from what I read here if I attempt to pay off the collections this will re-activate them and cause them to linger longer possibly making my score worse. So I'm unsure what to do now. They are both utility bills that state they were opened 9-6-07 & 12-5-07. I'm not sure the dates the CA lists are even correct. I moved to another state in July of 07 these are from the previous state.... Should I attempt to contact the Collection people or go straight to the utility companies? My CU will hold my app for 30 days.... After that I risk having another hard pull to re-apply with them or others to apply elsewhere.

Advice needed badly pretty plz... 

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