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Experian CLEAN!!

This morning marks a huge milestone for me! The last negative item on my EX report finally fell off last night!! I woke up this morning to a BEAUTIFUL CLEAN EX report!!! Now, just waiting for it to fall off the other two. It was a paid CA from Assett Acceptance. Do not know if it bumped my FICO or not - but my USAA FAKO did not change. In any case, I was just excited that for the first time in over 10 years, I can finally say that I have a clean report again!!! And am going to do everything in my power to make sure it stays that way!! Thanks to all the help that I got reading this forum! You guys know what your talking about!!!

Cards: AMEX Zync NPSL, AMEX BCE, NFCU LOC $15K, NFCU Visa Signature cashRewards $14K, NFCU Flagship Visa Signature $14K, USAA Platinum M/C $3.5K, USAA AMEX $2K, Capital One Cash Rewards $3.5K, WalMart $10K, Lowes $10K, Home Depot $8250, Amazon $4K, Discover IT $1K

Starting Score: EX: 570 EQ: 520 TU 602
Current Score: AMEX EX:717 MyFico EQ 688 Walmart TU 749 MyFico TU 740
Goal Score: 750+ across the board

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