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Re: Disputes

I've read a lot on here about disputing by mail. That was originally going to be my approach. However, I disputed online and have had really good success with getting stuff removed. I think I had about 11 items removed so far.


I didn't dispute everything at once however, I have been tackling stuff very carefully. Started with really old stuff first. Then I moved on to amounts that I felt would not be confirmed ($16 and $25 collections). I am now with about 4 items on one report and 6 on the other. These are all collections set to age off in 2 years. So not sure if I'm even going to dispute them or just let them age off gracefully since I don't plan on applying for credit soon.


My method has worked for me, but not sure if it's the same for everyone. I'm sure if you just dispute everything on your report it will raise some eyebrows and you'll look like some dude trying to game his credit. I personally would just be cautious at how you approach it and try to do it online, but as I said, choose carefully and only dispute a few items at a time.