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BBB Complaint w/ Midland's "Factoring" Antics

Hey there,


I think I want to move forward with the complaint about Midland reporting as a Factoring Company, and also reporting increasing balances each month.  I did a DV, which they responded to with the final statement from the OC.  Of course that balance was only half as much as Midland's trying to gouge me for now... I sent a request to remove the info to all 3 CRA's, with no luck.  OC has SOLD the charged off debts, and is reporting $0, on EQ & EX (not reporting at all on TU).  If I understand correctly Midland CANNOT report as a factoring company, and continue to increase balances, right? 


I've scoured the threads for an example of how to write my BBB complaint.  I'm just not clear on exactly what it should say.  Does anyone have any threads bookmarked, or can someone give me a little bit of guidance?  Do I send to my local BBB, or the BBB in Midland's home state? Do I request that they remove the TL, or simply force Midland to report correctly--as a charge off, and for the correct balance? 


Any advice is greatly appreciated! 



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