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In need of a lot of help!

I need help! My credit is bad, very very bad. My scores from are TU-518 and EX-534. I've been reading and searching this forum for a week now, trying to absorb everything I can. I understand sending PFD's and GW and will start on that as soon as possible. But I think what is hurting me the most is my student loans. I have several 120+ lates from sallie mae. I had them in forberance, but moved during the time they were due again and didnt realize i needed to pay. I just don't know what to do. I'm currently living with my parents while I try to save money for a down payment on a house, I hope to buy in a year. 


Will lenders forgive me if I pay my student loans on time for a year? I've applied for two secured credit cards, so I will have those and a car payment. We have a house that we are currently renting until july 2013. It is under my husbands name so its not on my CR. We plan to list it in July and have about 40K in equity. I should have about 15K saved up by then too, so we should have a good down payment. The loan will only be under my name, for reasons I don't really want to discuss. I make about 50K a year. I appreciate any advice, thank you!!