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Re: Just found collections on credit report - too late for DV?

You can always send a DV but they do not have to reply. If it is timely (which yours would not be since they are so old) they simply have to cease and desist until they respond. Even though that is not the case, I would still send one. A few of mine disappeared after a DV. Most likely they will validate. If they do (or if you just don't hear anything) you can send a pay for delete letter in which they would agree to remove for your payment. That needs to be in writing. What are the amounts? If they are small just offer to PIF for deletion. Also, think about your SOL for your state. I doubt either of those are out of SOL, so that means they could technically sue. The factor for when SOL starts is your date of first delinquicy.Ignore all of those other dates, they don't matter.

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