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Re: How to accurately age a collection?

I think the question is how does FICO score the aging of a reported collection, not how old the debt is considered to be.

There is no longer any debt if it was satiisfied in 2/2011.


I have seen different opinions on how FICO scores the aging impact of a collection.

The logical method would be based on the DOFD, as that reflects acts acts on the debt by the consumer, and the statutory date used under the FCRA to gauge its ultimate deletion.

The arbitrary date that  a debt collector receives collection authority and/or chooses to report a collection is unrelated to any acts by the consumer.


However, numerous posts have been made on the site that indicate reporting dates, either initial or updates, have impact on their scores.

While that makes no logical sense to me, many swear that it happens.


I have never seen a definitive answer to your question.