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GE/Walmart CLI and then Fico score tanks!
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Couple days ago, i was celebrating for a $5500 CLI from GE. Today,  my transunion fico lost 19 point and equifax lost 15 points. Disappointment.

But its not tied to my GE increase.


I made a mistake of paying/settling an old charged off Kohls account.

had a balance of 219 and CL of 100.

i thought it was hurting my utilization (otherwise always <1%).


I pulled a new report from myfico and it shows recent delinquency


Do you guys think i might regain these points? or how soon can i recover?


i didnt want to see  640ish again.


Starting Score: 598
Current Score: Trans union fico 713 (myfico 11/1/2012), EQ fico 671, exp 666 by AMEX
Goal Score: 720 across

In my wallet: GE/walmart at $10500, 2 capital ones at $750 each, Elan financial at $400, Amex BCP-$1000, AMEX Gold Delta at $2500, Discover more at $6,000 and Chase freedom at $3000

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