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Re: Disputes

RobertEG wrote:

Unlless your dispute relates to an item that is not disputable under the direct dispute process, such as credit inquiries, I would suggest considering a direct dispute as opposed to any dispute involving the CRA.


Online disputes require you to sanitize you own dispute, not providing for any accompanying supporting documentation.

If you have documentation relevant to your dispute, better to send by mail, at least providing it to the CRA (or better yet, filing a direct dispute, assuring it is received by the furnisher of the disputed information).  As part of their e-Oscar process, they arent likely to forward any supporting documentation to the furnisher, but that is not, in my opinion, reason to not even provide it.

My advice:

1. Direct dispute, if appliable

2. Mail to CRA with all supporting documentation

3.Use their on-line process

+1  Too many people are quick to just jump into disputes.  Disputes with the CRAs can cause potential problems down the road.  There are other methods to contend with the TLs before doing diputes.

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