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Re: BBB Complaint w/ Midland's "Factoring" Antics

I still have one I'm dealing with.  They are just a thorn in my side.  When I first started cleaning up my reports, I paid everyone.  I don't care what it said, I sent a check.  I was uneducated, in essence, I hadn't been to myFICO yet.


I paid the OC on this one and the CA.  I don't care about that either, it wasn't much.  I don't even mind them reporting, I just want them to report correctly, but alas they won't. So I've been busy trying to get them to report correctly.  Disputing with them, making them correspond back to me, file with the BBB, next is State AG office and then FTC.  Then I'm going to write my state senator and congressman.  I'd write the dogcatcher if I thought they'd have to correspond back to them.  By the time I'm through they will have spent more on paperwork, postage and manhours than they collected from me.  Would have been a lot easier and cheaper if they'd just comply.  Smiley Happy

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