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Re: Success - July 2011 1x90 late removed and I gained....

Thanks.  I've been obsessed with it Smiley Happy  Will be nice to be at point where I can just sit back and garden without having to worry about it.  I should be at that point in June. 


I do need to add another note regarding my SM account.  My fantastic prior advocate lady really wanted to remove all of the lates but her supervisor wouldn't allow it.  She informed me of a period of time in which she wouldn't be in the office and "suggested" that I resend a GW request during that period as since she wasn't there it would have to go to another CSR and thereby another supervisor.


Her suggestion was fantastic as this CSR was able to get one of the 90 day lates removed!  I wish I knew who she was so I could buy her a drink and thank her.  So, [raises glass] here's to you Miss SM Advocate CSR Smiley Happy

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