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My rebuild thread


So I changed the name of this thread.  I figure I will use this as my rebuild thread in order to keep track of things. New updates in Green.



ACS education, in rehab with another company, loan won't return to ACS afterwards - denied several GW removals. Rehab CA is reporting but will delete tradelines after 9 th payment received. Then the new loan company will report.

After several GW denials I got an ACS rep to agree to remove the "claim filed with government" notation.  I figure it is a small victory and I will keep pushing for the lates to be removed or the TL to be deleted all together since they no longer hold the loan.



2 HSBC charge offs $1200 total, last payment in 2011, they are both reporting balances even though they have said both accounts were sold.  Only only CA is reporting, I'm waiting on a reply from a PFD I sent. The other CA isn't reporting so I'm making monthly payments to them.

One HSBC account has now been changed to Cap one on my report, that is the one I am making payments on.  I actually didn't send a PFD to the other one, I sent a DV to the CA who half verified the info (right acct number but wrong name) so I resent a copy of their wrong validation and asked for a DV again.  I am sure they will verify and once they do I will PFD the CA. .


Ikea charge off $273, no CA reporting and no reply from ikea with PFD letter, set to fall off August 2014

Still no reply and one letter recently got returned to me.  I decided to dispute this with all of the CRAs.


walmart charge off, no balance reporting acct sold to CA, waiting for reply on PFD from  CA, set to fall off July 2014

I have sent Walmart a GW since they sold the acct and is reporting a zero balance.  No reply from CA on the PFD


waiting on capital one secured card to start reporting limit is $200 will increase limit before the end of the year

Received the card still waiting for Cap One to report it


jefferson capital CA set to fall off Dec 2012



15 US Dept loan tradelines in good standing reporting as current without any lates.


EQ Fico is 560 :smileysad: