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credit acceptance corporation

has anybody ever dealt with them? i have 3 30-day lates and 1 60-day late with them. i called yesterday and today explaining to them that i would like to get a mortgage and i asked them if they could please please remove the lates from my account. they told me that the account is closed and there's nothing they could do. the only thing they told me was to go to the customer section on their website and file a dispute.
i told them 'there's really nothing i want to dispute, this is just something of a goodwill move on your part that i'm hoping you'll do.'  again, all they could recommend was that i use the dispute form.
i even emailed the investment board twice in the past with no response. brett rodgers is the CEO  but he and his co-workers have no e-mails or phone numbers.
does anybody have any info and/or experience??????????