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Dawgamus and the deep dark hole of sub 600

How we got to this place;

I was promoted and moved by a retail chain to manage a failing store in Feb. 2k7. I bought a house on the lake in march  I broke a company rule and was fired July 2k7.  They closed the store Oct 2k7.   I was unable to make payments on several debts.  Was foreclosed on in Nov.  Got a new job a week after they filed the papers.  Citibank loan, was for home improvements, I had payed for disability/loss of job insurance.  But they denied it because of the status on job loss (no unemployment).  So I never picked up payments again.  Yes I am stubborn.  I was laid off from last job in Cot. 2011  and have not worked since.  I am on disability at 1600 a month. 

I will post my credit report on my next post, and my plan of action after that. I am expecting a lump sum settlement on an annuity.  I have limited resources, Live in a leaking 24 ft Motor Home,  and need to get out by December.  So the quicker I can raise my scores the better.   Please let me know what your advise is.  Esp. if you see me doing something stupid.   



Starting Score: Sub 500
Current Score: 567
Goal Score: 640

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