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Re: BUILDING Credit advice?

"it's not what you can buy, it's what you can afford." That's a great line Shogun, and thanks everyone. I am completely obsessed with paying in full every month, I had a 9 dollar (2% balance) report for these last two months, good start! How important is it having cards with larger limits reporting and for what purposes? I'd like to up my Capital One secured to at least $2000, maybe even the full $3000. Also I was just approved for a BOFA secured, the security deposit was taken today, so I hope to have that in my wallet soon and have that reporting, maybe it'll show in November when my first FICO is generated?


And I just mailed in my Signature forms for PSECU, I'm hoping they will be able to be my first destination for my first unsecured cards, and an auto loan! Thanks a lot for all of your comments, and suggestions guys.

Begin building credit with a clean slate 5/1/12!

Capital One Secured $400 limit
BOFA Secured $300 limit
PSECU Visa $2000 limit