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Re: Best CC for first one?

That sounds pretty awesome!!  


So guess what. We had ourselves a situation today, that means we are gonna have to make our lender understand that he after next Friday when my dispute is suppose to be resolved, he needs to pull the reports and hopefully move forward on the mortgage. Our son has CP, and due to our increase in pay in Sept, (we both got one, lol) but he lost his SSI. *we only requested Medicaid as a SECONDARY insurance, due to his therapies being out of network with out BCBS, and the afterschool care he JUST got into YESTERDAY, yes, YESTERDAY, that only takes Medicaid, (its for special needs children) we now have to fight to keep his Medicaid, or he's no longer covered as of January 2013. I mean, really???  We both work, but we have our son and 2 daughters, and are trying to better ourselves, but lose his SECONDARY ins bc of it! He has a disability that isn't going to go away!! But, if I were to stay at home sitting on my butt, we could have medicaid and foodstamps for ALL of us. The system is so messed up.


Pray for us!!!!! :smileyhappy:

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