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Re: Closed accounts stay on for 10 years, correct?

It's impossible to say. Especially not knowing what else is on your credit report. Based on your scores you have posted, I am going to assume you have some negative information as well. Yes, your AAoA will drop, but all your other accounts are going to be aged 1.5 additional years from now. 10 year old accounts have been dropping off on me lately, it kinda stinks.


Credit history counts for 15% of your score. So, the most you can get out of that is around 65 points or so. You might still be looking at an AAoA of around 8 years when the student loans finally come off. You will go from like 12-8. You will still get alot of points with AAoA of 8 years, and some of your baddies might come off, or count less.