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Re: Im a newbie! Help me if you can:)

rckstrscott wrote:

Paleta25 wrote:

Im going to wait at least until the accounts fll off in June of next year and during this time I will try to work on the rest hopefully with some PFD and get these baddies gone


I havent started any paperwork as of yet, figured id get all my ducks in a row before they come back again and say fix it...:smileyhappy:


Harris and Harris eh?


Illinois tollway authority or City of Chicago? LOL


Well, from personal experience, they will delete upon payment, for what its worth... although if its tollway, depending on how fast you want to purchase, there are grumblings of an amnesty coming up soon




Actually none of them are from the tollway or city.  They are medical collections.  If they delete upon payment then even better! I just sent them a PFD so hopefully they agree!