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Re: Collection agencies seem easy to remove
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Jaade wrote:
It is definitely not what most people believe - all collectors are not pond scum. Smiley Happy I always took the approach that each debtor I dealt with was someone that wanted to do the right thing until they showed me otherwise. I was always polite and upfront with my debtors, even with the 90 year old man that called me a "Mod Edit" for even daring to call and tell him that he had a balance due from his bill.

In MY experience, there are good, honest collectors and terrible, corrupt collectors in nearly every agency. In MY experience, once the OC turns over the bill, they don't want to talk to the debtor at all anymore. They're already unhappy that they are losing 7-20% of whatever is collected to the CA. Or they just want to deal with people who want to pay before it gets that far. The collector on the other hand sees that person calling in as a potential part of their income for the month and they DO want to talk to you. If they're allowed to delete, OF COURSE they will if it means money in their pocket on commission day.

I agree 100 percent with what you are saying above. I have never felt debt collectors were scum, if it regarded to collecting on legitmate debt. All of my debt, less for 3 accounts, were legitimate debt I paid in full, and either negotiated a PFD or a GW attempt. More than a dozen collection accounts. Nearly all reps I spoke with (offshore or USA based) were cordial, followed the rules; weren't beligerent. MY personal experience


But there are extremely unethical AGENCIES, not just agents, where their whole business is buying old debt, 4 times over and resold, for pennies on the dollars and spend their whole days violating FDCPA and FCRA in extortion attempts by harrasing, by making legal threats they can't possibly back up, by threatening your livelyhood.  This isn't me trying to sound dramatic, this is fact. And I delt with THREE of these agencies


I just don't agree with your intial response on this thread to begin with; whcih indicated that CAs won't delete unless the OC states to, because I promise you that a couple of the OCs who took me to court, won a judgment (which subsquently I paid off) and still try to do things to impact my future would have a seizure if they knew the CA removed the account after payment. And several other of my accounts were sold, for example, the HSBC charge off, and there is no way Portfolio Recovery was talking to them when I was negotiating my PFD.They bought they debt. The owned it. They did what they needed to do to make money and HSBC was not in this loop.


As for working for three agencies, your internal experience and knowledge is clearly superior towards mine. But having spent the last 3 years repairing, and rebuilding my credit, my experience has taught me otherwise.





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