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Re: Dawgamus and the deep dark hole of sub 600
I copied and pasted from my list posted on fridge. Grandson is 26 days old. My son totaled the car in a freak incident. The freedom acct is my only open tradeline at the moment. I have tried several times for a dv with AA but no answer. Last night i followed the example of several people here and filed a complaint with BBB. We will see what happens there. Why the Citi card and not the two i have listed? I am drafting gw letters for cenlar and citi. I guess i ran on my thoughts in my last post. Right now in my area there are a lot of lease purchase available. So i was trying to figure out if i should take advantage. I wasnt trying to get to 640 by dec. Have to make a decision to take advantage of the LP or move to apt.

Good news is lump sum payment should be in acct in ten buiness days.

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