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New here , would love advice

Hello new here! 


I am trying my best to get my score, but moreso my husband score up since he's the wage earner and more likely to be used in obtaining credit and/or loans.  


We went through a ch 13 a few years ago and were discharged and paid it off earlier than what plan we were on.  However, even though we have paid everything early and on time with new car notes and a perfect paidy mortgage the scores are holding steady.  We do have some collections we intend to get paid in the near future.  How and what do I need to do to get the scores to rise.  We plan on selling and building a house in the next 18 months and I would love to get scores to reflect our hard work and want the ability to obtain a construction loan with a good interest rate.  Our current mortgage rate is an awesome ARM that is made better by being able to use his VA status.. so I'd like to be able to obtain something similar when we go to build.  


We have currently two car notes, mortgage, one low limit credit card, and a personal loan that we would keep to continue reporting,  However, there are a few small loans that we want to pay off with some money we will be receiving in inheritance soon.  Would we need to keep anything other than those things to help the score? Other than trying to get anything else negative off by paying collections off and disputing the wrong negative reports that I am aware of.  I am seeing several late payments that are untrue during our 13 period that I want to correct as well as a couple other false reports that I need to take care of.. 



What else do I need to do to help us along?  A friend of mine has used ox publishing recently to boost her husbands score nearly 60 points so far and she plans to use it for two more months.  She's only paid the monthly fee with no purchases.  I have read different things on here about that but was maybe considering it for a short interim.   


Looking for any advice,, it seems we've been doing all the right things and our score feels like it has a brick tied to it.. 


Thanks in advance!