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Another one bites the dust :)

Southern Credit removecd the 92.00 baddie.  I now own them for a  75 and a 92.  They deleted them before I paid them.  Thank god the lady believed me.  I am very close to being able to buy a house for my family.  TU is up to 602 from 595.  EX is up over 50 points, but I can only go by the FAKO of Credit Sesame at 622 from 570.  Equifax is back to 577 from 535 but that's okay because once I get my CC paid down it will go back up.  on my 300 First Premier I have a 200.00 balance wich will be paid down by the end of the month.  4 more PFD and I will have NO MORE open collections!

Starting Score:
August Equifax 558 TU 600 EX 570
Current Score: Equifax FICO 642 TU FICO662 EX 651 ( 06/21/2013
Goal Score: 720 All Across

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