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Re: New here , would love advice

Just read through the section about GW letters.  The late payments that I have showing WERE NOT late.  Especially the mortgage ones.  While we were still paying in to the ch13.. our holder sold our mortgage and it was during that time the late payments are showing.  I know they were paid as my husbands check was being garnished and paid directly to the trustee each pay period and in our final documentation of who/what/where the money was divided and sent, there was no break in that to the mortgage.  We weren't even aware there were lates until we were told by a lender from whom we were looking to do a HELOC at the time.  The other ones that I want to take care of were also not late but paid on the border of 30 days but within them.  So would a GW letter even apply for those situations? 


It does appear though that even if I do try to do GW letters for the car notes which weren't late.. they are with Chase and they do seem to be the easiest to work with regarding this, so maybe they'll update it because it was borderline in the first place.  


Again thanks for advice in advance!