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Capital One Secured Card
Hey everybody, I wanted to know what everyone's experience is with Cap1's Secured Card. To give some background, I am new to posting on here and appreciate the help you have all given. My experience is a little unique, from what I've seen. I opened a Secured Card with Cap1 back in April '12 in which I paid the $99 to obtain a $200 credit line. In June, I added an additional $100 to the credit line. While I have used the card almost to its limit, it has never reported with a balance more than 10%, and has always reported a small, even if minimal, balance. On October 1st, I contact Cap1 asking if they ever offered "unsecured CLI" which I was told, "no" and that I could only increase the credit line with a secured deposit. The next morning, I woke to an email from Cap1 letting me know they had granted a CLI "unsecured" for another $100. This means I now has a $400 credit line, for which I have $199 of it, secured. Has anyone else received Unsecured CLIs with this card?