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High Balance vs. Reported Balances
Question for you folks, we all know not to let our credit cards report showing 95% utilization so most of us pay down the cards the day before the statement closes. My question is, even tho you pay down that balance, it still reports the highest amount you've charged that card to. Lets say you have a credit line of $1k. You charge it up with gas and bills to the tune of a $900 balance. Now the day before your statement generates, you pay the balance down to say $100. While your balance is reported at 10% of your credit limit, can't they see the high balance as well? I have been wondering if this affects people. Lots of people claim to keep their balances low and seem to get no CLIs or improvements in their score. Do the credit agencies factor in the High Credit/Balance?? Hopefully this makes sense because it does in my head lol