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Re: Where does CRA go to verify info on medical collection?

When you dispute through a CRA, the ultimate decision on the dispute is not made by the furnisher of the disputed information.  That decision is conferred upon the CRA, who must assemble all relevant information, and then, under their reinvestigation of the information, make the decision.


As part of that reinvestigation, yes, the CRA is required to send a copy of your dispute (sanitized with their e-Oscar process) to the party who reported the disputed information.  That furnisher is then required to conduct their investigation, and report back to the CRA.  The results of the furnisher's investigation are usually the only substantive information that the CRA has to make its determination, so for practical purposes, the furnisher's results usually are rubber-stamped by the CRA.


If your dispute relates to issues other than the specific accuracy of their reporting, such as building a case under the so-called HIPAA process, how much CRA independent determination is exercised depends upon exactly what you are disputing.  If they can verify from their own records, the furnisher response may not be their major factor.


What, exactly, was the basis for your dispute?  Just saying you disputed does not clarify how much verification they need from the OC.