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How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..


So my bk was discharged sept 2009, I have paid all car leases and credit cards on time since then


How many years does it theoretically take to bounce back?


I thought I was told in the past 5 yr payment history on a CC



Is that right?

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Re: How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..

I think it's subjective tbh.


There are a ton of factors. Such as, Ch7 vs Ch13, what your credit has been like since the BK, why you originally filed for BK. Lenders will typically see you as risk until the BK falls off completely, which can take 7-10 years.



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Re: How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..

+1  What type of BK?  What does your CR look like since?  Any baddies?  Positive TLs?

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Re: How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..

Ch 7 discharged Sept 2009


lexus car lease started may 2010 joint paid on time

cap one cl 850

cap one cl 750

cap one cl 1000

first prem cl 750

citi cl 200 - opened sept 2009

barclays 3500 opened dec 2011

bofa secured opened dec 2011


all above paid on time 

about 8 accounts included in discharge

have lots of inquiries 36 on EX

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Re: How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..

I was in primeville roughly five years after filing ch7. Card offers were in my mailbox within months. Decent limits were different back then, as we had the good 'ole days of Providan, and loose lenders, so 4k was obtainable much faster, as compared to now.

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Re: How Many Years Does It Take To Bounce Back..

I consider myself "in good shape" coming up on three years from BK discharge.  FICO scores just under 700 on EQ and TU, ample credit lines, a new home purchased and a zero interest car loan this year.  My scores are probably higher than they've been since 2007 (due to high utilization back then).


I don't think you can become truly free of BK - even after the ten year period when it falls off the credit report you have to answer the "have you ever..." question accurately.  Some lenders just won't deal with you if you have filed BK, and some of those you discharged (Amex for example) will blacklist you forever.  My biggest concern, now that I have more than enough credit, is not to go back to using it excessively, and in a manner where an arbitrary decision to balance chase (BOA) collapses my scores like a house of cards by raising utilization.


Things I did right - NFCU (not everyone can join), used a secured Mastercard (USAA), cleaned up IIB items (took six months to get everything right).  Worked through counseling with NACA to get a great mortgage on a new home.


Things I shouldn't have done - too many apps too soon.  High fee low limit cards (CreditOne, First Premier), now closed. 



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