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Should I expect a score bump? 5 years post 90 day late?

I got Sallie Mae to remove my recent 90 day late from July 2011 and didnt gain a point.  I still have a late on my account from Nov 2007 for 90 days.  Can I expect to see a score bump when this 90 day late makes the 5 year mark in November?  I also have a 30 day late on another Sallie Mae account that will make 2 years old this December.  I'm also hoping for a little bump on that one when it makes 2 years old.


I'm going to leave these late alone as SM has worked with me on getting the recent off my CR's.  That leaves me with paid CO for Verizon wireless from July 2009 for $109 and my Cap1 mess.  Verizon completely ignored my last round of GW letters.  Time to send them another one.  Cap1 removed 1x60 day late and score actually went down a couple points.

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