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Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt
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For February 2011 and July 2012, Chase reported me as late to the credit bureaus on my credit card. I was not intentionally late or anything of the sort. What happened was that on both occasions, I tried to sign up for auto-payment (so I didn't need to worry about payments). After the Feb. 2011 incident I didn't dare to sign up for the rest of the time between then and June 2012 for fear of that happening again. Finally, in June 2012-I tried to sign up (again) for auto-pament and again it failed (for whatever reason-technical on Chase's side I believe) and the payment didn't go through.

Since I was not intentionally late and it seems to be a technical or some type of error on Chase's end-I would like both of these late reportings to be removed from my credit report. Especially since I am going to try and refinance, this obviously hurts that and other credit-type of activities.  I wrote a letter explaining all the above to them through PlantetFeedBack and a lady from Exec Relations called me and said after their "internet team" researched all my clicks/keystrokes-they couldn't see where I had tried to sign up/complete auto-payment. First of all, I wasn't even aware of Chase's ability to do this (and I work in IT), and second I definitely remember signing up for auto-payment and being diligent about hitting "submit"-especially working in IT,  I am VERY particular in making sure that happens.  Plus,  I had another card with Chase (now closed) which I was never late on and my mortgage-never late on.  Why could I randomly be late, twice, on this simple card, yet never on these two-especially my mortgage.  Does anyone have any good advice on next steps or maybe a good email/contact for Chase? I know that has to be sent through PM, which is fine.  I'm not exactly sure how high up this letter went (supposedly CEO), but I doubt that.