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I just received a summons..
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Tonight around 7pm I had a knock at my door, it was a person delivering me a court "summons". The paper actually has no official seal or judge/court signature, but it does have a Case number attached to it. I told the guy I refused to take it, he left it on my door step.


I read through it, it says I must appear, but there is no date for me to appear? It also is dated Sept 17th. It says I have 30 days from the time of receiving this to file a paper called a motion or answer with the courts or I will be automatically found guilty, and the plaintiff will win.


This is for a debt through Dell financial. My last activity was in 2008. It was charged off, then sold to another bill collector (can't remember the name), then sold to Midland Funding (who owns it now). The attorney who is representing them is the person who I got the letter from. Daniel Gordon from Eugene Oregon. I have read some reviews of this guy and oh wow... He is pretty shady. But my biggest concern is he seems to be a wage garnisher. I barely make ends meet as it is.


Can anyone give me any advice on this? I have no idea what to do or of this is even legitimate?


Apparently Midland bought the debt 2/2012, they have reset the date somehow saying that it was from 2/2010 and the amount is $2445, which the original amount was $1800 or so.


I am kinda freaking out about this..


Thank you in advance.