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Weird thing happened with West Asset Mgmt...
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CA/JDB? West Asset Mgmt
OC: Sprint
Type: Collection
Terms: 1 Months 
Monthly Payment: $0
Responsibility: Individual 
Credit Limit: $29
High Balance: N/A 
Recent Balance: $29
Recent Payment: $0
Date Opened: 04/2012 (this is definitely wrong)
Date of Status: 07/2012
Reported Since: 07/2012
Last Reported Date: 09/2012


Actions Taken:

  • After 1st DV, I got a form letter response. 
  • Called Sprint executive office and they refused my PFD request - referred me to CA. 
  • Sent 2nd DV
  • Sent jack attack to CRA which was verified

After the 2nd DV I got a form letter back listing the $29 due with old bills attached (about 6+pgs long each). Funny thing is they included someone else's bill in the package (I noticed this after the jack attack).... so i sent the below letter:


Dear West Ass,

I requested Debt validation regarding the above account on 2 different occasions, and have the return receipts.

On (date), I received your reply and account statement - only problem is, the account statement does not list the account you state I owe, it is for someone else in a different state. Namely, Stan X in Texas (attached).

You have failed on two occasions to prove that the account even exists and what I owe, but yet you have verified this debt with Experian Credit Reporting Agency.

1) Failure to perform a reasonable reinvestigation.
2) Continued collection activities with validation or notice of dispute to the credit reporting agencies.

3) Third Party Disclosure law violations against Stan X

If you think a $29 debt is worth a risk of  $2000+ legal fines, please go for it.

My lawyer likes those odds, I doubt yours will.

You have 10 days to delete the above mentioned account with any and all credit reporting agencies.





Well West Asset just sent the package again without Stan's bill. 


What do I do?


EQ: 679 (Fico)
TU: 683 (Fico)
EX: 682 (FAKO)