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HELP!!! How to Improve FICO From 711 to 750?

Hi everybody, I just got my FICO from a mortgage company, which showed my scores were: 711(Equifax), 730(Experian), and 750(TransUnion). The bank refused to give me the best rate as my FICO is not as good as above 740(they  picked the middle one of 3 scores).  I also called some other banks, all of them need 740 to be qualify for best rates.


So I am here to ask your advice to increase my FICO to 750.


I have 7 credit cards, but mostly only use 2 of them,  and paid both in full every month, so debt to credit ratio should be <10%; one mortgage account, refinance in Feb., 2011, which is also paid on time every month;  4 inquires, 01/2011, 05/2011, 05/2012, and 09/2012; the worst part is that I have a public record which was a small claim case in 01/2010 and we already satisfied the judgment.( I couldn't believe they even report those $2000 case to credit bureaus and damage my FICO!!!)  That all I think could affect my FICO. I know when inquires are taken away from the report,  or the time of the public records passes longer,  my FICO increase a little. But what else I can do to inprove it except wait?


Any inputs will be appreciate!!