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Re: HELP!!! How to Improve FICO From 711 to 750?

well that small claims hurt you because it is too recent.  I hate to tell you this but too much recent credit, inquiries, or even your case public records hurt your length of credit history.  That might be your problem.  What might help is the credit cards you have, 7 of them, so the question is maybe you need to let go of two of the card.  Preferably the two most recent credit cards you have.  the cards you have had longer help your length of credit.  What helps my credit score is that I don't apply for credit often, along with my long length of credit history.  Time is just as important on a credit report.  Ultimately its your judgement call. I would just suggest wait another 2-3 months to see how your credit changes due to time. Maybe someone with more experience on these boards could chime in.

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