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Re: credit acceptance corporation

diabla wrote:

All I can tell you is that they're a nasty one!


How long ago was the account closed?  Maybe if you dispute with the CRA, they won't respond and it will be deleted?  Sometimes they'll do that if its an old account and if you don't owe money, they just won't "waste time" on you, lol.  But if you owe, they might have an alert to make sure they ding you every change they get, for life - or until its paid.

the account will be a year old next month, so it was probably closed sometime between december 2011 and february 2012.  they told me to do a dispute with them but i said, 'well theres not anything i realy want to dispute. i was hoping that you guys would just take the lates off as a gesture of goodwill'. they said that they just couldn't do it because the account was closed and kept telling me to do a dispute via their website.

i don't need it deleted though. i think that would do more harm than good............... unless somebody knows something i don't.